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Class Documentation


The class documentation for this project allows you to browse the inheritance and containments structures of the configuration files. Each class has a separate page which allows you to see some properties of that class, where it inherits from and whether there are any classes inheriting from it. Any classes that are contained within it are also displayed. The left navigation pane provides a containment style navigation, while the diagram on every page shows the immediate inheritance tree of that class. Click on one of the above top containers to start browsing.

Documentation Filter Settings

The documentation was generated with the following settings. The container classes that were included:

CfgVehicles, CfgAmmo, CfgMagazines, CfgWeapons, CfgGroups, CfgVehicleClasses, CfgFactionClasses

The non-container classes that were excluded:

Wheels, complexGearbox, ViewPilot, OpticsIn, CargoLight, HitPoints, Sounds, SpeechVariants, textureSources, AnimationSources, UserActions, Damage, Exhausts, Reflectors, ViewOptics, Library, EventHandlers, gunParticles, manual, close, short, medium, far, CamShakeExplode, CamShakeHit, CamShakeFire, CamShakePlayerFire, GunParticles, Single, FullAuto, single_medium_optics1, single_far_optics2, fullauto_medium, GP25Muzzle, Wounds, UniformInfo, RenderTargets, DestructionEffects, MFD, markerlights, MarkerLights, WingVortices, RotorLibHelicopterProperties, Viewoptics, Arguments, muzzle_rot1, HitEffect, Double, Volley, AIDouble, AIVolley, StandardSound, player, HE, AP, LowROFBMD2, HighROFBMD2, closeBMD2, shortBMD2, mediumBMD2, farBMD2, Single1, Single2, Single3, Burst1, Burst2, Burst3, gunClouds, Far_AI, Medium_AI, Close_AI, Burst, ItemInfo, Close, M1, M1a, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M11, BaseSoundModeType, OpticsModes, PutMuzzle, Rhs_Mine_Muzzle, ThrowMuzzle, Rhs_Throw_Grenade, Rhs_Throw_Smoke, Rhs_Throw_Flare, Rhs_Throw_Flash

The properties that were included:

scope, magazines[], weapons[], enginePower, maxOmega, peakTorque, fuelCapacity, canFloat, maxFordingDepth, idleRPM, redRPM, maxSpeed, GearboxRatios, differentialType, maxBrakeTorque, maxHandBrakeTorque, compatibleItems[], hit, indirectHit, indirectHitRange, defaultMagazine, cost, ais_ce_penetrators[], ammo, muzzles[], displayName, inertia, vehicleClass, crew, faction, hiddenSelections[], hiddenSelectionsTextures[], torqueCurve[]